Drive test

You don’t need a Certificate of Roadworthiness but the car you use in the licence test must be safe.  The licence testing officer will check some basic safety features. If they’re not OK, your test cannot continue. As a minimum, check these items before going for your Drive Test:

  • registration is current (Victorian or interstate)
  • tyres have at least 1.5mm of tread all around the surface – anything less is unsafe and illegal.
  • tyres are inflated to the correct pressure
  • all lights work properly – the headlights (high and low beam), indicators, tail lights, and brake lights.  Ask someone to stand outside the car while you turn them on/off to make sure they work
  • windscreen is clean, no chips or cracks
  • windscreen wipers (and washers) are working
  • horn is working
  • brakes should be in good condition.

Automatic condition & removing the condition
If you do your probationary licence test in a vehicle with automatic transmission, you can only drive vehicles with automatic transmission during your probationary period. There will be an ‘A’ printed on your licence card.

At the end of the probationary period, you can drive vehicles with manual transmission without having to do another driving test provided the condition is not required due to a disability.

If you are still on your probationary licence with an automatic transmission restriction the only way you can remove this condition is to pass a test in a vehicle with manual transmission.    

When learning to drive in a manual vehicle you must have someone with a full manual licence sitting beside you and display ‘Driver Under Instruction’ plates as well as your ‘P’ plates on the front and back of your vehicle. Driver Under Instruction plates must be 150mm x 150mm with black lettering on a yellow background.

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