Best ways to avoid common crashes

The best ways to avoid crashes in these situations while you are developing your hazard perception skills are to:

  • Slow down and always drive at a speed that suits the conditions.
  • Leave larger gaps between your vehicle and the one in front (always use the two second gap rule).
  • Focus all your attention on driving and don’t get distracted by passengers or by doing other things in the car.
  • Never drive when you are tired or affected by alcohol or other drugs.

Doesn’t the on-road drive test show I can drive safely?

The Hazard Perception Test and the Drive Test assess two different types of skills.

The Drive Test focuses mostly on car handling skills and your ability to drive safely in traffic. This is limited to the driving conditions around the test centre on the day of your test. Testing your hazard perception skills in different driving situations is also important.

In combination with the Drive Test, the Hazard Perception Test:

  • Provides more information about your ability to drive safely than the Drive Test alone.
  • Helps focus on skills that have a close relationship with crash risk
  • Includes traffic situations that may never occur during the on-road Drive Test.

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