New driving Instructors

Overview of requirements

To become a driving instructor you must have completed all of the following requirements:

  1. Documents and checks
  2. Tests
  3. Letter of eligibility
  4. Instructor training course
  5. Regulator Final Assessment

Requirements in detail

Documents and checks

  • Driving instructor application (form 239).
  • Pass a medical check (form 239).
  • Pass Police and criminal checks; (forms 1183 & 1184 office use only).
  • Two specimen signatures.
  • Four passport size photographs.

Theory test

  • Pass an extended driver knowledge test on road rules (90 questions).

Practical test

  • Pass a Driving Test with a 95 per cent pass. The driving test must be passed before you will be issued with a letter of eligibility. If the driving test is passed in an automatic vehicle the Driving Instructor licence will have a condition that allows the instructor to only teach in automatic vehicles.
  • A Motorcycle Operator Skill Test (MOST) with a 100 per cent pass.

Letter of eligibility

After all the above documents, checks, theory test and practical test have been completed Roads and Maritime Services will issue you a letter of eligibility. You cannot enrol in an instructor-training course unless you hold a current letter of eligibility.

Instructor-training course

The instructor training standards are nationally agreed and are included in the Australian Quality Training Framework (AQTF).

Car driving instructors must pass the Certificate IV in Transport and Logistics (Road Transport – Car Driving Instruction) TLI41210.

Heavy vehicle driving instructors must pass the Certificate IV in Transport and Logistics (Road Transport – Heavy Vehicle Driving Instruction) TLI41310. HVDI courses equivalent to the Certificate IV in Driving Instruction NSW 91000 will continue to be accepted until 31 December 2009.

Motorcycle riding instructors must pass Roads and Maritime Services Pre-learner rider-training course as a student prior to commencing the instructor training with an approved course provider.

Generally most new driving instructors will take at least six months to complete the required qualifications.

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