The Road Rules Knowledge Test

The knowledge test comprises 35 randomly selected computer based objective questions.Some questions in the test such as those relating to drugs, alcohol, intersections and seatbelts, are mandatory questions and must be answered correctly.Applicants are required to answer at least 31 of the 35 questions correctly in the general ques tions area of the test to pass the assessment.

The driving test is conducted by Road Ready Centres located at Canberra Technology Park, 49 Phillip Avenue Watson (telephone 6162 5152,) and at 72 Townsend Street, Phillip (telephone 6282 8990). The Road Ready Centr es are open for business etwee n the hours of 9.00 a.m. and 4.00 p.m. Monday to Friday,and 9.00 a.m. and 11.00 a.m. on Saturdays. Applicants are not required to make a booking to undertake the test.

The knowledge test is only available in English, therefore,in special circumstances, an interpreter can be made available if the applicant is unable to read or understand English. In such cases, the applicant will need to contact the applicable Road Ready Centre to arrange for an interpreter to be present for the test. Licence applicants will find the ACT Road Rules in the ACT Road Rules Handbook, available at any ACT Canberra Connect Shopfront.
The Practical Driving Assessment

  • After passing the knowledge test, applicants (where applicable) can make a booking for a practical driving assessment.
  • The practical assessment comprises a 55-minute test, which includes all aspects of driving in city and suburban areas.
  • Applicants have the option of undertaking the driver assessment with an ACT Government licence examiner or with an accredited driving instructor.

Government Assessment

  • Applicants can book a driving assessment by attending at any ACT Canberra Connect Shopfront and pay the assessment fee.
  • Where the assessment is undertaken with a Government licence examiner, the applicant must pass the assessment on the first attempt.
  • If the applicant fails the assessment, the overseas licence is then classed as invalid for use in the ACT and the applicant is required to take out a learner licence and abide by the conditions of thatlicence.
  • Upon passing the assessment, the applicant will be issued with a full driver licence

Proof of Identity and Residency:

  • Full proof of identity and residency must be provided to any ACT Canberra Connect Shopfront before a driver licence will be issued.
  • Some of the primary proof of identity documents are as follows:
  • Australian Full Birth Certificate, Current Passport, Naturalisation or Citizenship Certificate,Immigration Papers.
  • A complete list of documents for primary and secondary proof of identity and proof of residency can be found on pages 6 and 7
  • of the ACT Road Rules Handbook

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