Travel information for road users

VicRoads provides road users with a variety of travel information to help make safe and efficient use of Victoria’s road system. Information available to road users includes:

Drive time signs
The Drive Time system developed by VicRoads provides road users with estimated travel times and traffic condition indicators while on route via roadside signs. Drive Time trip information gives drivers an estimated time in minutes of how long it will take them to reach various freeway exits. As well as providing estimated travel times, a colour-coded indicator advises whether traffic flow is light (green), medium (yellow), or heavy (red).

Real-time travel information
Traffic Communications Officers work closely with Traffic Management Centre (TMC) staff to provide detailed information about incidents, estimated travel times and delays/congestion spots to road users through various websites and the media.

When there is an incident on the road affecting the safety of road users or traffic flow, Traffic Communication Officers in the TMC alert media of the incident and update the VicRoads websites with detailed information on

traffic conditions, detours and delays. Real-time information about emergency road closures and traffic alerts is available on the VicRoads Road Closures and Traffic Alerts web application. Other information to help you plan your trip, including travel times and planned works, is available on the VicRoads Travel Times and Roadworks web application. This information can also be accessed by web-enabled mobile phones at and via an iPhone application called VicTraffic. You can also follow us on Twitter for real-time traffic alerts 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Live traffic
Road users also have access to over 40 live traffic cameras to assist them to pre-plan their journey. Live traffic images are available 24 hours a day and display the current conditions at a number of key intersections and freeways locations.

Roadworks and planned events
Information on roadworks and events that might affect traffic conditions on the network is published in a daily Roadworks and Planned Events bulletin on the VicRoads website. This bulletin includes VicRoads works and other relevant activities notified by Councils and service authorities. Special events that are likely to affect traffic such as street festivals, sporting events and fun runs may also be listed.

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