The decision about whether it is safe to continue driving

With improved health care people are living longer and more active lives. This is rewarding for the individual and provides a wealth of knowledge and experience for the community to draw on. Staying active and participating in community life is vital for your health and well being. Access to transport is necessary to staying active. If you don’t drive, it can present real challenges, but it is possible to get around and stay mobile.

The decision about whether it is safe to continue driving
Unlike other states, Victoria’s licensing policy is based on a person’s fitness to drive. There is no retesting for licence renewal based on the age of a driver. People can drive to any age as long as it is safe for them to do so. The decision to reduce or stop driving is often made by the driver. This may be because driving is becoming difficult or stressful, or following advice from a family member, friend or doctor.

Drivers of any age can develop medical conditions that affect their ability to drive safely. These conditions must be reported to VicRoads. Doctors can advise on which conditions need to be reported. Victoria’s licensing system also relies on the community to contact VicRoads about drivers who are considered to be unsafe. In these cases medical reports are requested and driving retests may be conducted. This may result in the licence being suspended or cancelled.

Dealing with the decision
Discovering that you can no longer drive can lead to feelings of loss of freedom and independence. It may also be frustrating and difficult to imagine life without driving. What is important is that you don’t allow the quality of your life to suffer. Explore the full range of options available to you and plan for how you can continue to socialise, maintain hobbies and interests, pay bills and shop.

There may be more than one solution to your transport needs. You may need to use different options depending on where you are going and when you are travelling. Use the information on this page to help you plan your trip. Help and advice is also available from the organisations listed on this page.

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