Speed limits in South Australia

Speed is a key factor in crashes and road trauma. The default speed limits in Australia have been set in response to research findings that have revealed direct correlation between travelling at speed and the increased risk of crash and trauma. In acknowledging safer speed limits and travelling at appropriate speeds on South Australian roads, we are all contributing to making our roads safer for all road users.

Know the speed limits

Speed limits indicate the maximum vehicle speed that is permitted on that road. These default driving speed limits are applied in South Australia and across Australia. Any road with a speed limit different to the default limit is signposted accordingly.

25 km/h

  • between the signs at a children’s crossing when the alternating lights are flashing
  • when passing, in either direction, a school bus that has apparently stopped to pick up or set down passengers
  • on a portion of road within a School Zone when a child is present
  • (or as indicated) when passing road works with signs displayed.

40 km/h

  • some built up areas (eg residential areas) have a speed limit of 40 km/h indicated by signs on all roads leading to that area
  • on the approach to a ‘wombat’ pedestrian crossing indicated by signs
  • when passing, in either direction, an emergency services vehicle(s) that is stationary and displaying red/blue flashing lights

50 km/h

  • is the general default speed limit in a built-up area
  • is the maximum speed limit on roads within a built up area unless signposted differently.

80 km/h is the speed limit on some country roads around Metropolitan Adelaide.

100 km/h

  • is the maximum speed limit on roads outside a built-up area where no other speed limit is signposted.
  • is the speed limit on most rural roads in South Australia.


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