Australian road rules

There are many laws governing road users. However, the most important point is that you must drive with care and consideration of other road users. Driving rules you must comply with are provided in the Driver’s Handbook.

Most driving offences are covered by the Road Traffic Act 1961 and in regulations made under this Act – such as the Australian Road Rules 1999.

Discover more about the rules and how they apply to different kinds of roads, vehicles and road users in the reader’s guide.

Visitors to South Australia

Welcome. We want you to enjoy your stay, but more importantly we want you to stay safe.

If you intend to drive in South Australia – make sure you’re driving legally and safely by following these tips:

  1. Check driver’s licence requirements for temporary visitors and new residents.
  2. Remember that we drive on the left-hand side of the road in Australia. If you’re from a country where vehicles are driven on the right-hand side, it can feel strange when driving in Australia.
  3. Take extra care when driving, cycling and walking in Australia.
  4. Practise driving left by using the online hazard perception test provided on the My Licence website.
  5. The default speed limit in urban areas is 50 kph unless otherwise sign posted. The speed limit on most Australian highways is 100 kph; only a few roads allow you to travel at a maximum speed of 110 kph. Police regularly conduct speed checks using speed cameras, radar and lasers along all types of roads.
  6. Wearing a seatbelt is a life or death matter both for you and your passengers. Drivers must ensure that they and any passengers in the vehicle are wearing a seatbelt or child restraint.

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