Why its dangerous to use a mobile phone while driving

Research shows that dialling and talking on a mobile phone while driving can lead to:

  • Riskier decision making
    Deciding when it is safe to turn in traffic is a complex task. Using a mobile phone while driving affects judgement and concentration and you may fail to choose a safe gap. When making a decision to turn across oncoming traffic, you also tend not to consider the environmental conditions such as, when it is raining or the roads are slippery. If you don’t make safe turns you could crash.
  • Slower reactions
    You generally react slower when using a mobile phone, particularly when you’re deep in conversation. You may take longer to respond to traffic signals or completely miss them.
  • Slower and less controlled braking
    During a mobile phone call your brake reaction time is slower, and you brake with more force and less control which results in shorter stopping distances available between yourself and the car in front.
  • Wandering out of your lane
    You’re more likely to wander out of your lane when you’re using a mobile phone, even on a straight road with little traffic.
  • Not being alert to your surroundings
    When using a mobile phone, you tend to spend less time checking your mirrors and what’s going on around you. This affects your ability to monitor and negotiate traffic safely.

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