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When is an instructor licence required?

Driving Instructors are covered under the Driving Instructors Act 1992, and Driving Instructors Regulation 2003. The legislation requires any person who teaches another person to drive for money or reward to hold an Instructor’s licence.
Prerequisites for a driving instructor licence

A person is not eligible to be issued with a driving instructor licence unless the person:
Has reached the age of 21 years, and

  • Is the holder of a driver licence* of the relevant class**, and
  • Has, for a period of not less than 3 years during the period of 4 years before the date of the application, held a driver       licence1. of the relevant class2., and
  • Has been authorised by the Authority to undertake, and has passed, a course in driving instruction approved by the Authority and conducted by an organisation approved by the Authority.

* A drivers licence means a licence, other than a learner licence, a provisional licence, a probationary licence or a restricted licence.
** The relevant class means the class of vehicles for which the instructor licence is applied for.
Restricted driving instructor licence

Restricted driving instructor licence

Restricted driving instructor licences are available for providers of post-licence instruction.

The restricted licence is issued with the condition, “Restricted licence, the licensee is not permitted to instruct people who hold a learner driver licence”, clearly displayed on the front of the licence.

To be issued with a restricted licence applicants must:

  • Meet all existing eligibility requirements of the Driving Instructor Act and Regulations (minimum age, hold licence tenure etc).
  • Complete all existing application requirements (Driving Instructor DKT, Medical, police checks etc).
  • Be issued with a letter of eligibiity, in accordance with all existing requirements.
  • Obtain one of the following qualifications: TAA04 or TAE10 or Diploma in Education or equivalent higher qualification (as approved by RMS).
  • Pass an assessment on the Driving Instructor Act and Regulations assessed by RMS.
  • Restricted licences are only available for car and motorcycle Driving Instructor licences. They are not available for any heavy vehicle driving instructor licences.

    Applicants for restricted licences are exempt from:

  • TLI41207 Certificate IV in Driving Instruction.
  • Impart Knowledge Test.

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