Driving Licence Holders Health and medicals

Do I need a medical test?

Certain licensees must submit a satisfactory medical report before their licence can be renewed or maintained.  Holders of a Mobility Parking Scheme (MPS) card may be required to provide a medical report when they apply for the issue, reissue, renewal or replacement of their licence if Roads and Maritime Services has not been advised of any medical condition on the licence. See Fitness to drive and MPS permits for more details.

Licence class C, LR, MR, HR, HC and Rider.

  • Medical required at age 75 then annually.

Licence class MC.

  • Medical required at age 21 then every 10 years.
  • Medical required at age 40 then every 5 years.
  • Medical required at age 60 then every 2 years.
  • Medical required at age 70 then annually.

All Licence Holders

The law requires the holder of a driver licence to notify, as soon as practicable, Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) of any long term injury or illness that may impair his or her ability to drive safely. RMS must be satisfied that all licence holders are medically fit to drive.  The medical standards for drivers are set by the National Transport Commission and AUSTROADS, and are set out in ‘Assessing Fitness to Drive’ (available from the AUSTROADS website). ‘Assessing Fitness to Drive’ was recently revised in 2012.  Frequently Asked Questions about the revision in 2012 can be found here.

A licence holder can be directed to have regular medical examinations because of a medical condition or because of advanced age. Some drivers must also have an annual driving test.

The rules apply to all licence holders, including people who have three or five year licences.
Medical Examinations

If you are required to have a medical examination, RMS will send you a letter approximately eight weeks before you are due for a medical examination. On the back of the letter is a medical report form to be completed by your doctor, indicating whether you are medically fit to drive.

You ask your doctor whether an appointment is required to have the form completed. If your doctor considers you medically fit to drive and hands the completed report to you, return it to a motor registry.

If you would prefer to restrict your driving, for instance, to certain times of the day or to within an area where you live, you should discuss it with your doctor at the time of your compulsory medical test.

If your doctor considers you medically unfit to drive or wants to refer your case to a second doctor, he or she will send the medical report directly to RMS. You will be notified of the decision about your licence by RMS soon after.

Note: Section G.13.1 of the Medicare Benefits Schedule states ‘Medicare benefits be paid for the following categories of health screening: – age or health related medical examinations to obtain or renew a licence to drive a private motor vehicle’.
Disclosure of a medical condition for the first time

A customer who discloses to RMS for the first time that he or she suffers from diabetes, epilepsy, giddiness, blackouts, fainting or other sudden periods of unconsciousness, must provide a satisfactory medical report before he or she can receive or renew a licence.

A customer who discloses to RMS for the first time that he or she has monocular vision must provide a satisfactory eyesight report before he or she can receive or renew a licence.

Customers who have already declared these medical conditions to RMS can renew their licences provided that RMS medical review requirements have been met.

Customers with diabetes that is controlled by diet are no longer required to provide an initial medical report.

Customers who already hold a NSW driver licence can obtain a medical report form from any motor registry or by calling 13 22 13.
Driving Tests

If you need to pass a driving test as well as a medical examination it will be printed at the top of the letter. You can only take a driving test after a doctor has declared you medically fit to drive.

To avoid delays call 13 22 13 or go to your nearest motor registry to make an appointment as soon as possible.

RMS’s A guide to the Driving Test is available for download or free from any motor registry. It tells you what is involved in a driving test and what you will be tested on.
Occupational Therapist Reviews

Drivers with certain health conditions may require a driving assessment by a suitably qualified occupational therapist before a licence will be issued or reissued.

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