Driving with medical conditions or disabilities

All NSW licence holders have a legal responsibility to notify Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) of any serious or long term medical conditions or injuries as soon as practicable.  If you have a medical condition, injury, illness or disability it is important that you consult with your medical practitioner before driving/riding a motor vehicle.

Just because you have a serious medical or physical condition, does not automatically mean that you can not drive.  It may just mean that you need to undertake regular medical reviews with your treating doctor/specialist to ensure that you remain medically fit to drive.

However, if your medical practitioner recommends that you not drive for the duration of your illness or injury then it is important that you abide by these recommendations.  If you continue to drive and are involved in a motor vehicle accident or incident you may be liable for prosecution through the Courts and will not be covered for insurance purposes.

Drivers with serious or long-term medical conditions must meet certain medical criteria before being deemed medically fit to drive/ride a motor vehicle.  All licensing jurisdictions in Australia have adopted the national ‘Assessing Fitness to Drive’ medical standards published by Austroads. These medical standards may be viewed on the Austroads website


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