Car registration

The vehicle you drive must be registered with VicRoads. The cost of the registration of a car will vary according to the cost of the car and where you live. All registered vehicles in Victoria must have a roadworthy certificate. Visit the VicRoads website.

Car insurance

When you register your car, part of the cost is the Transport Accident Charge (TAC charge or TAC Premium). This is Compulsory Third Party (CTP) insurance. Transport accident charges are used to pay for treatment and support services for people injured in transport accidents but does not cover damage to cars. For more information on the transport accident charge, visit the Transport Accident Commission (TAC) website.

It is recommended that you purchase car insurance. There are many different insurers in Victoria that offer insurance across three levels:

  • third party property – basic cover for the costs of damage you cause to other people, vehicles or property (does not cover cost of damage to your own vehicle)
  • third party fire and theft – third party property insurance plus coverage if your vehicle is damaged by fire or if it is stolen
  • comprehensive – covers all costs of repair or replacing all vehicles involved in a collision, regardless of who is at fault.

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